About hndcrfts

Hi! I'm Lan Lan. Thanks for visiting my shop.

All products in hndcrfts are handcrafted by me in Singapore. Major techniques I use are dyeing, screen-printing and sewing. I also do watercolor painting, photography and papier-mache as hobbies.

hndcrfts offers products with unique designs and quality materials. I get inspirations from nature and day-to-day life. I like to create things that make my customers feel special and happy.

Payment Mode

We accept the following payment mode

Credit Card & Debit Card via Paypal

Shop Policies

Order will be shipped within 3 days of confirmed payment. Items over $15 will be sent by registered mail.

Only accept exchanges for items worth $30 or more. Customer will be responsible for additional shipping cost.

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perfectly handmade in Singapore!


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