Button knot necklace By Wearable Craft

By wearable craft

Button knot necklace


Button knot necklace By Wearable Craft Button knot necklace By Wearable Craft
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Make your very own BUTTON knot necklace with metal-net bead

Complement your outfit with the right colours or as a gift for your loved ones.

What you will learn

At this 2-hour, workshop, you will learn how to tie, shape and position the Chinese Button knot.

What you will bring home

Button knot necklace with metal-net bead.


Our workshops are suitable for beginners and those with some experience with knotting. You must be able to tie simple ribbons or shoe laces. Age is not a barrier, but children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Those with Special Needs are welcomed to learn alongside the other participants. Or send me a message to arrange for a separate session.

Learn & appreciate knots. Lets do our bit to keep this traditional craft alive !
学习和欣赏中国结艺。我们用小小的力量,为传承这门美丽的传统手工艺,加油 !


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