About Mr. Potter

Ciao folks,

let’s go straight to the point... This is an ordinary story! No special freaks talking from Silicon Valley... just people who, as many others out there, like doing things their way..... differently!

To put it simple, we are neither designers nor business-like entrepreneurs. We are just a bunch of creative students with a healthy disregard for conventional thinking and a particular acumen for what most people out there call entrepreneurial spirit.

Truth is that Mr. Potter is born in one of our dormrooms between a whisky-and-coke and the next one. Luckily enough we weren’t already pissed when the Mr. Potter idea came out XD.

That night, we started talking fashion before taking on philosophy, world plots and meditation matters on which we usually get lost for hours. Precisely, we were talking about how sick most fashion materials are when the ceramic idea came out. Truth to be told, our first reaction when Joe said “what if we go for ceramics” was a loud laugh, but then we realised that it was freaking cool, doable and, most importantly, it really reflected our values.

Saying who did what in the next following days is pretty much impossible, but, after turning Vins’s flat into an office/lab and Joe’s 500£ savings into a budget, we spent almost the whole academic year skipping classes, bartending extra hours, pottering clay, designing motives, building prototypes and running market researches.

And it was right during our market research that the Mr. Potter vision came out. What we found out was that most people, including ourselves before starting the Mr. Potter journey, saw bowties, braces and necklaces exclusively as “serious super elegant things for formal occasions or office meetings” and they “never thought about wearing it everyday”. Well, Mr. potter is going to take it to the next step. That’s our vision! ...Blue jeans, sneakers and Mr. Potter!

Once vision and purpose were pretty clear, Joe, our wild adventurer, took a flight to Italy where we decided to set up the manufacturing. As good young Italians we thought that art, style and traditions of our beautiful country could have finally helped us out and, at the same time, we could have done something to support our county.

At this point, it would be funny to say how hectic and intense that time was! Yahooing suppliers, emailing investors and partners, calling service providers, brainstorming solutions for the myriad of problems that everyday came out and skyping each other for updates and cig breaks... it was a mess but with perseverance, dedication and a few sleepless nights we nailed it :D.

Once the three of us were back together, the company culture begun to rise on its own and, honestly, we believe it’s one of the coolest things about Mr. Potter. Our office, or flat if you guys like it, stands on 4 simple rules:

- No shoes but foot deodorant if necessary (there is one among us whose feet smell badly... Let’s not say who XD).
- Music always on.
- Kickoff each and every day with a great breakfast and half-an-hour meditation.
- Sitting on the pouffes if you want to stay concentrated and don't be interrupted.

Up to now, Mr.Potter is a dream turned into realty, a new-born business concept that comes out of the genuine desire to create something different and unique... it is something that aims to challenge all current standards of luxuriousness and lavishness.

We believe that regardless of social status and purchasing power everybody deserves the chance to stand out from the crowd, feel unique and free to express their own diversity in the way they look and walk around. We think that everybody should feel at ease with what they wear and spark originality in their very own fashion.

Regardless of age, nationality, outlook and style we call for people who dare, for people who do not get stuck in senseless clichés and do not follow stereotypes. We stand by those who love to get noticed just as much as they love staying true to themselves, who are always thrilled to try out something new and never fear to be different!

Our mission is to creatively inspire uniqueness. Our promise is to keep our creations accessible to all. Our commitment is to always learn from whatever mistake we are going to make.

Bottoms up guys... & Ceramic on!

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- Shipping & Delivery
All Mr. Potter prices include a Fully Tracked 24/48h delivery service throughout the UK. International customers will be subject to a £7.99 shipping rate.

All orders will be dispatched in 1 working day and get to your place in 1-3 working days or a bit longer for international customers. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

However, in partnership with Royal Mail, we offer all our customers the proof of delivery service to ensure that they will be always the first and right people to get amazed by our creations.

- Returns
Any unworn product can be returned for exchange or refund within 14 working days from delivery.

Product exchanges are completely free of charge throughout the UK, whereas refunds will be subject to a 10£ shipping fee.

Returns can be easily done in 4 simple steps:

- Contact support@mrpotterstore.co.uk to initiate the procedure.
-Print the pre-paid label we provide
-Drop your product at the nearest Post Office.
-Track your return with the unique tracking number provided.

Please bear in mind that in order to successfully receive either a new product or a refund, the products need to be returned in the original packaging and with all the original components.

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