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Hey folks! Welcome to Bloom Jewels! Bloom Jewels was one of our jewellery lines for handmade items under Tinklebits Accessories. As more products are create, the notion of expanding Bloom Jewels into an online shop selling solely handmade products became a reality. Tinklebits Accessories was established on 1 Dec 2010 and started off selling small costume jewellery imported from different parts of Asia. After a year, we realized that we do not gain much satisfaction through selling what other people are selling. In this competitive and highly saturated market, we see the need to produce unique products in order to stand out. We began to create some small pieces of jewellery to sell in our virtual shop and as gifts to friends. To our surprise, the feedback that we got from some customers is that they actually preferred our handmade items to those imported stocks. This gave us a lot of encouragement that designer, Melody has decided to pick up proper skills in jewellery crafting from the Jewellery Design & Management Institute of Singapore (JDMIS). With the proper skills and knowledge in Gemmology, she eventually found her passion in creating exclusive handmade products from good quality materials to bring to customers.

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